Heather's unique approach to yoga focuses on calming the nervous systems to allow the signals our bodies are sending to come through. Developing a deeper awareness of our sensory signals and breathe help to develop mindfulness in our daily life. Her classes aim to reconnect you with your body and it's inner wisdom while quieting the mind through a therapeutic blend of vigorous movement, yin-style stretches to release tension, and meditative visualization at the end of class. 

Heather discovered her passion for yoga over fourteen years ago as a student athlete using yoga to recover from her sciatica pain. She received her certification as yoga instructor from Prana Yoga Teachers College in Vancouver, BC in 2009.  Over the years she has found a unique style which blends Vinyasa Flow with deeply relaxing Hatha and Yin style postures to bring about a balance of strength and flexibility. Her classes are rooted in grounding, positive energy which will follow you into every area of life outside the studio.  She’s here to support you in furthering your practice whether you are an experienced practitioner or a new student of yoga.

She currently teaches at Akasha Yoga Studio in Roslindale.