Customized Programs

Gut Revamp Package

We will start with a Gut Test to identify and measure your gut’s important bacteria and fungi levels. Testing is performed at top 25 medical institution, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Based on your microbiome report, your will receive a customized package of gut-rebuilding and detoxifying herbs and supplements, using only the highest quality brands (all supplements will be shipped directly to you). You will have six bi-weekly check-in consultations to make sure you have all the support you need during your gut revamp. Includes the Gut Revamp Workbook,  email support between sessions, recipes, and free admission at all events for one year. See More Info

Heal Your Gut Maintenance Package

4 Bi-Weekly Sessions to maintain the results achieved during your Gut Revamp Program. Can also be used to continued support after the 3 or 6 month program. This program includes the Manual: Secret Microbial Garden: How to Heal Your Gut and free admission to all events and workshops for 6 months. See More Info

Individual Gut microbe Test Report and Consult

Gut Test to identify and measure your gut’s important bacteria and fungi levels will be will be mailed to you. After completing the test and receiving the report you will have a consultation to go through the results with a certified health coach and identify action steps. Testing is performed at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine (Top 25 medical institution). $185 Test and Individual Consultation

Individual Consultation

$95 per individual health coaching consultation


•     Create a plan for success with your health coach and get the support to achieve your highest goals
•     Personalized diet and supplement plans (shipped directly to you) *Cost of supplements included in 3 and 6 month packages
•    Treatment plan oversight by medically trained holistic health doctor
•    E-mail support between sessions
•    Guided mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques
•    Healthy, simple recipes, and cooking tips!
•    Educational information, handouts, and manuals
•    Free admission at local classes and workshops, see events for details!

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What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness Coaching is a professional relationship to support clients that desire change. In a coaching relationship, you will be supported to take the actions necessary to facilitate your desired goals.

How Does Coaching Work?

A coach guides a client into self discovery to unleash their purpose, passion and goals. A coach supports the client by listening and supporting what is working and to help them identify and eliminate any roadblocks. To accomplish this, a coach will ask powerful and effective questions, and serve as an accountability partner.

Having a coach provides heightened clarity, awareness, focus and fulfillment. You will learn how to overcome your own obstacles in your own unique way. You will learn how to respond to an event as opposed to reacting to it. Your life overall will be more balanced, harmonious and congruent with your values, purpose and passions.

What is the Structure of a Coaching Relationship?

Usually, coaching takes place over the phone in 40min sessions on a weekly basis. The client will complete a health assessment and introductory packet where the two will help discover goals, purpose, passion and values. This foundational session usually takes 1 hour and can take place on the phone or in person.

What are the Distinctions Between Coaching and Therapy, Spiritual Counseling, Planning and Consulting?

Generally, a therapist helps resolve issues of the past. Coaches work with people where they are and what direct would help them become most fulfilled,. Coaching is good for people who are seeking focus, strategies and motivation and ask “how to” questions.  The primary focus of coaching is on taking action and assisting the client in identifying, prioritizing and implementing choices.