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Step 1: Gut Report Kit

Your Gut Test will be shipped to your home with detailed instructions on how to complete.

Testing is performed at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. This test will give us a detailed profile of your gut bacteria and fungi species and compare them to normal levels. You will then receive a Comprehensive Report of the microorganisms in your gut.


Step 2: Schedule Your First Coaching Session

We will have six bi-weekly check-in consultations to make sure you have all the support you need during your gut revamp. Your Gut Revamp Workbook will be sent via email after scheduling your first coaching session.

You will also receive email support between sessions, recipes, and free admission at all my events (excluding conferences) for one year!

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Step 3: Personalized Action Plan

While the test results are being processed, we will get started with your Action Plan during our initial health coaching sessions.

After receiving your gut test report, I will create a customized package of gut-rebuilding and detoxifying herbs and supplements, using only the highest quality brands. All supplements will be shipped directly to you. Once you have your Action Plan and Customized Supplement Package you’ll be well on your way a complete gut revamp!

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Package Cost Breakdown:

  1. Gut Microbe Test Performed at Case Western Medical University Valued at $135

  2. Supplements to Rebuild Your Microbiome based on Gut Report Valued at approximately $300

  3. Six Health Coaching Sessions Valued at $95/each for a Total of $570

  4. Free Admission at all my Events and Workshops Valued at $500 Annually

    Total Value: $1500

    Price For You: $750