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How to Heal Your Gut hosted by South Boston Yoga

Location: South Boston Yoga Studio 26 West Broadway, Boston and it's now live for registration!

Do you know you need to eat less sweets, feel bloated after eating certain foods, or experience food guilt but feel powerless to fight your cravings?

We all know, either intuitively or from experience, that sugar and refined grains are dangerous for our health. So, why do we keep eating them? According to brain scans, sugar is as addictive as nicotine and cocaine. Researchers have found that when hungry rats feast on a sugar solution, a large quantity of dopamine is released into their brains.

This workshop is designed to prepare you for all of those pitfalls that stand lurking in the shadows beyond your resolution to end an unhealthy relationship with sugar and refined grains.

Come join us at South Boston Yoga for herbal tea, group sharing and learn about the science behind your cravings, how to break the cycle, and create new habits to heal your gut and find freedom from your unhealthy food cravings.

-Presentation on digestion and how to heal your gut
-Questions & community sharing circle
-Yoga flow to help with digestion
-Homemade Herbal Mint Tea